The Paris Sisters are Albeth (the oldest), Sherrell (the middle child), and Priscilla Paris (the baby). They were born and raised in San Francisco., CA. Their mother, Faye, was the quintessential stage parent, a former opera singer who continued her career vicariously through her children. They signed with Lester Sill's fledgling Gregmark label in 1961, the impresario implemented a top-to-bottom overhaul of their approach, tapping up-and-coming producer Phil Spector to shepherd the transformation.  Spector relegated Albeth and Sherrell to the background, and while he turned the spotlight on Priscilla, he insisted she dial back her powerful voice to a dusky whisper.  "I Love How You Love Me," cracked the U.S. Top Five, galvanized by Priscilla's intimate lead turn and Spector's atypically restrained production. The singles "He Knows I Love Him Too Much" and “What Am I To Do?” also became hits for the trio.   Featured Music:   I Love How You Love Me  He Knows I Love Him Too Much  Be My Boy  All Through The Night  What Am I To Do?  I’ll Be Crying Tomorrow  A Lonely Girl’s Prayer  Let Me Be The One  Yes-I Love You  Once Upon A While Ago       CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
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